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All for one and one for all.  Three travelers.  One leader.   Helping each other(sometimes left behind) make it through the journey of levels.  Each character has meaning behind there abilities.  Green (picking up items),  one teammate carrying the team.  Red(shooting and slam) pounding threw the long nights getting more and more done to finish strong).  Blue(Double jump) jumping into action when something goes wrong.

Team Members:

Daniel Jaska

Jordon Cotton

Andrew Whitman


Numpad 1, 2: Swap between characters

A and D: move left and right

Space: Jump

Shift: Perform Action

Red Character: while on ground shift will shoot a fireball and while in the air you will shoot down in a ground pound this can be used to bounce off of and damage enemies as well as bounce off of mushrooms.

Blue Character: Can perform a Double jump by hitting space in mid air

Green Character: By running into a box or purple mushrooms you can pick up those items. By hitting shift in the air you drop the item below you and gain a little height. By pressing the shift key on the ground you place the object in front of you.

Install instructions

Unzip the file then click the .exe


A Travelers Journey.zip 22 MB

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